About The Sponge

Hi there!

Welcome to The Purple Sponge: my happy place, and maybe a happy place for you, too.

For awhile now, I’ve had this overwhelming itch to dig deeper into my books and to let them affect me in a bigger way – by taking notes and asking how they challenge me emotionally, intellectually, socially, phsyically (because some books just make you snot cry, okay?) and every other way a book can change (or entrench) the way you see and experience the world. Most of all, I wanted to talk to people about books (this is where you come in!) If you feel inclined – and I hope you do – pleeeeaaaase pretty please comment or shoot me a message.

The name The Purple Sponge comes from a middle school-ish fantasy in which I took a moment to imagine my Happy Place. The first to pop into my head was a soft landscape made up of sponges. And then I remembered my favorite color: purple, so my personal spongy land took on a purple hue. The purple, spongy mushrooms and clouds and hills and little nooks where you can read for as long as you want are soft and friendly, with rounded corners. Some of the sponge holes are big enough to lay down and sleep or read in. For a few years now, I’ve wanted to revive my happy place in the form of a blog or writing platform – so here it is! The Purple Sponge, a bibliophile’s happy place.

As for me, I’m Rebecca. I work full-time at probably one of the loveliest bookstores in the country – The Book Loft of German Village (it has 32 rooms, 4 wings, and is filled to the brim with books and bookish things) and live in Columbus, OH. I spend my free time reading, journaling, browsing FaceBook and Instagram, and watching TV shows on Netflix (my current favorites in particular order are Gilmore Girls, So You Think You Can Dance, Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah). I graduated from Ohio State University with an English degree this year, so I’m still getting my shit together (which I’m beginning to find out never really happens until you’re like, maybe 80, so.)

P.S.: If you’re part of the bullet journal community, I love bullet journaling, it has completely changed my life, it will probably leak into my book blog, and I would love to hear from you.

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